How to Publish an eBook

The word eBook has appeared rather recently but the whole idea has become popular very fast. At the present moment more people read books on some electronic devices than actually printed issues. With such a choice of eReader devices and platforms, there is no surprise people choose this option because it is much more convenient.

It is possible to read electronic books right from a home computer as well as form the platforms of Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble NOOK. It is easy nowadays to find a book online and to purchase it. In some cases one can find books for free.

For the last few years e-books have been revolutionising the publishing industry. In 2010 Amazon’s e-reading device, the Kindle, became its best-selling (and most gifted) product of all time and to date, Apple has sold something in the region of 17 million iPads, the hi-tech tablet computer that enables users to buy and read e-books through their iBooks application. E-books’ percentage share of the book market is growing at a remarkable rate.

About 10 years ago, the most prevalent self-publishing option called for a significant up-front investment and reliance on a publishing service company. Authors had to forfeit more than half of their royalties and grant exclusivity to a single company to sell and distribute their work.

At the present moment it has become easier to publish an eBook with the variety of tools available. They allow authors more control on their sales and their earnings. In this respect the number of self-publishing authors grows.

However, the industry is still in the process of development and there is no single format for e-books. So far there are many readers and formats and some of them go to give way to new ones.

Since the services and tools will keep transforming, this article provides an overview of e-publishing principles and skills that are slower to change. But it also covers specific services you should be aware of given their current prominence in the market.

There is a great number of various articles that help and instruct authors on the account of eBook publishing. They are not that fast to update if compared with the tools and publishing principles but they are really helpful in understanding the basic principles as well as in the search of right services and personal touch.